Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening may be the hottest new trend of recent decades, but the basic technology behind it has been around for centuries. Both the famous hanging gardens of Babylon and the floating gardens of China were examples of historical hydroponic gardens. Of course, modern technology has added a new edge to this ancient plant growing technique, but that only adds to the benefits already inherent to this impressive system.

Less to Worry About

Hydroponic gardeners have far less to worry about than those who grow their plants in soil. There's no need for weeding, tilling the soil, or worrying about soil-borne diseases. This helps to produce healthier plants that begin to produce in a shorter time frame with less effort.

Less Water Use

When using a proven system like a well-developed Hydroponic Grow Box, plants grown using this technique require far less water. In fact, only about 1/20th of the water required for traditional, soil-based gardening will suffice to allow plants to thrive hydroponically.

Sterile Growth Medium

Instead of growing out of the soil, which has the potential for carrying diseases and pests, plants derive their nutrients from targeted plant food formulas that are applied directly to a sterile growth medium. This eliminates the need for pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemical inputs.

Year-Round Crops

Since plants grown hydroponically in a Grow Box can be cultivated indoors, there are no limits to when they can be grown. This allows crops to be harvested year-round with little regard for inclement weather and changing seasons.

Better for the Environment

The run-off from traditional gardening can be damaging to surrounding ecosystems, especially if chemical inputs are used for fertilization, weed control, and pest control. These inputs can leach out into the groundwater, causing high levels of calcium, phosphorous, and potassium that can be harmful to other plants and animals. With hydroponic gardening, the water is reused multiple times instead of being released immediately into the groundwater and doesn't typically contain these potentially harmful chemicals, to begin with.

More Control

Hydroponic gardeners have far more control over their crops than traditional, soil-based gardeners. They can choose exactly what nutrients they want to introduce to their growth mediums, how much light their plants get, and how often nutrients are dispensed into the system.